Shopping Guide

step 1

STEP 1: Browse Items

Go to and choose from the wide range of items for sale. You can also browse for more items by category: Camera, Brand, or Product. You may also type in the item you are looking for in our search bar for your convenience.

STEP 2: Add Items to Cart

step 2

Click the item and press the Add to Cart button to add the desired item to your cart. If you want to add more than one of the item, edit the number on the left side of the button.

step 2b

After adding an item/items to your shopping cart, a notification box will be displayed on top to confirm your item and as well as on the left sidebar. From there you may continue to shop for other items, View Cart, or Check Out.

If you choose to continue shopping you’ll just repeat from Step 1. If you decided to check the status of your cart, proceed to the next step.

STEP 3: Reviewing your Shopping Cart

On your left, a summary of your shopping cart items are displayed. If you Check Out, you will see the status of your order: the items you added to the cart, quantity, and the total amount of your order. From there you may delete an item you decided not to buy, or edit the quantity of the product.

step 3

If you wish to continue browsing for more items, go back to Step 1. If you need to edit the quantity of the items on your cart, proceed to Step 3.1. If you want to delete some items, go to Step 3.2. If you are already satisfied with your order, proceed to Step 4.

STEP 3.1: Editing the quantity of an item

Select the textbox as illustrated above, and edit the number. After editing the number click the Update icon as shown below to update your shopping cart.

STEP 3.2: Deleting an item

To delete a product from your cart, click the Delete icon as you can see in the image above.

STEP 4: Checkout Your Order

step 4

Click the Checkout button located at the upper right portion of the page or on the left sidebar. If you clicked View Cart first, you may click the Proceed to Checkout button.

STEP 4.1: Register

You will be required to input a valid email address, your first and last name, your billing/shipping address. After filling all of the required fields, tick the Create an Account checkbox if you are a new customer. (If you’re a returning customer, you may log in to your account by clicking the My Account tab on top or by clicking the Click here to login text prompted)

step 4b

STEP 4.2: Verify Billing/Shipping Address

If you are sending your order to a different address click the Add/Edit shipment address and input the address where you are going to send your order. Be informed that if you are using the same address as your billing as your shipping address, you do not need to Add/edit shipment address.

step 4c

STEP 4.3: Select a shipment option

You have six options to choose from, each of which has corresponding shipping price depending on the courier and the location of shipment. Click the radio button of your desired shipping method.

STEP 4.4: Select a mode of payment

We accept Direct Bank Transfer of Paypal payments. Select the desired mode by clicking the radio button.

STEP 5: Final Placement of Order

step 5

Review your items, your shipping method, your payment method, additional comments, and billing data. Make sure these are correct and concise.

If everything is final, click the Place Order button and wait for further instructions to be prompted on screen.

An e-mail will be sent to confirm your order as well as the data you have submitted.